Upcoming ScienceDirect redesign

Extensive user testing and market feedback indicates that 10 years after development commenced in 1995, ScienceDirect needs to be redesigned to meet the expectations of a new era. As a result of extensive research into current user behavior, whereby many of you provided much-appreciated input, we have gained invaluable insights into the type of activities your users now carry out. Some improvements you can expect to see later this year:

  • A simpler navigational path – a reduced amount of click-throughs, providing your users with what they want, faster.
  • A task-oriented homepage – allowing your users to perform a quick search, a browse, and set personalization features, all on one page.
  • Improved Quick Search option Quick Search has been radically changed to be able to clearly search terms in specific fields, author names, publication titles, and specific articles.
  • Modernized user interface – over the next few releases we are upgrading both the technologies we use and the user interface to offer more features, functionality and the look and feel required by today’s users.

In the next few months, we’ll make sure to update you on the changes at hand. We appreciate that any change to ScienceDirect affects our users. Therefore, each step in this series of changes will be accompanied by a clear set of communications. For example, new user guides will be created, and our account managers and account development managers will be able to answer any questions or training needs you may have.


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