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CSA database platform update

>>> CSA Support <csatechnews@CSA.COM> 02/07/2006 1:40:56 PM >>>

Dear CSA Subscribers,

An update to the CSA Illumina platform is in process. This update will introduce some modifications designed to better organize the types of research resources available to you on the CSA Illumina platform. Search results now have an initial selection of tabs for “Published Works,” “Scholars,” and “Web Sites” with additional selections available under “Published Works.”

To minimize service interruption, the update changes will be applied to our network of servers one server at a time. This could mean that one user session is performed on a server with current behavior while another is performed on a server with updated behavior. While the display of results may differ from one server to the next, the number of records retrieved will not be affected. We expect this potential variance to last only a few days.

You can see a brief review of the changes and highlights of our new Community of Scholars product at

Thank you for you patience while we bring you improved service.

Please email if you have any questions.

Amy Mather Senior Project Specialist, Web Development CSA

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