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Now available: The Making of Modern Law

Thanks to the GSU Law Library, all GSU Library users now have access to The Making of Modern Law database from Thomson Gale.

The Making of Modern Law covers the watershed period of legal development during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and is the world’s most comprehensive full-text collection of Anglo-American legal treatises of the period.

Derived from two essential reference collections for historical and more contemporary legal studies-the Nineteenth-Century Legal Treatises and Twentieth-Century Legal Treatises microfilm collections, published by Thomson GaleĀ® imprint Primary Source Microfilm-The Making of Modern Law features a fully searchable database of approximately 10 million pages and more than 22,000 works. It provides researchers with a logical, interdisciplinary approach to the study of legal history and allows a vast segment of the literature of law to be quickly searched via keyword access by faculty members and students. With full-text search capabilities, researchers can conduct precise searches and comparative research in every area of law.

This database can be accessed via the Library’s List of Databases.

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