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ARTstor: New version of the Offline Image Viewer

* New version of the Offline Image Viewer Available for Windows Users *

The Offline Image Viewer is ARTstor’s tool for: 

– Giving reliable, Internet-independent classroom presentations;
– Creating presentations of personal/institutional images with or
without ARTstor images.

The latest release of the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer (version 2.0)
contains additional features and enhanced functionality that were not
available in previous versions of the software. Many of the new
features are a direct result of user feedback and recommendations.

In addition to all of the functionality of previous versions, the new
release of the Offline Image Viewer will include the following new

– Blank “slides” can now be created for each screen of a presentation;
– ARTstor images and local images can be pasted into the slides;
– Customized text can now be included along with images when
– Multiple images and text fields can be accommodated on a single
– Zoomed-in portions of an image can be saved for display on a slide;
– The background color behind the images and text, as well as the
entire slide, can be customized;
– A smaller, presentation-only file can be exported without requiring
the full-size image files;
– Presentations can be exported in a format compatible with the
previous version of the Offline Image Viewer;
– Connections to ARTstor for authentication and for downloading Image
Groups can be accommodated through certain proxy servers;
– Users can choose where the image file cache will reside on their
– Users can choose the maximum amount of memory the application will
be permitted to use on their computer.

To download your new copy, click on the “Search and Browse for Images”
link on the ARTstor home page and enter the Digital Library. In
order to access the software, you will need to log on to your ARTstor
user account first. Once logged on, click on the “Tools” toolbar
button and select the option for “Offline Image Viewer Download”. You
will be prompted to accept the “Terms and Conditions of Use” before
downloading the software. Click on the “Accept” button to proceed.

You’ll see a new window in which all currently available versions of
the OIV will be listed. The recommended version for your workstation
will be pre-selected for you. To download the previous version of the
OIV or the format for another operating system, click on the
appropriate radio button. Click on the “Submit” button to begin your
download. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to choose between
opening and saving the new file. Click on the “Save” button and select
a location on your computer to which you would like to save the file.
The default location is your desktop. The file is about 40 MB large,
so the download can take some time on slower internet connections.

Once the software is downloaded to your computer (the title of the
file is OIV_2.0_Win_Install.exe), double-click on the program icon to
open the installation file. The installation is seven steps long and
in most cases, you can leave the default installation settings. The
Offline Viewer is then available for use from that computer and you do
not need to download it again the next time you want to use the
program. Depending on the settings that you chose during the
installation process, you can now access the Offline Image Viewer
through your “Programs” menu, or by double-clicking on the shortcut
icon on your desktop.

ARTstor User Services is offering daily online training sessions on
this upgrade. To view a list of scheduled training sessions, click on
the “Upcoming” tab on this webpage:
For additional instructions on how to register and attend an online session, view this page ( in the
“Using ARTstor” section of our website.

We expect to release the Mac version of OIV 2.0 during the week of
August 29th. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at or 888-278-0079.

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