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$25,000 Book Endowment Honors Career Librarian

Pullen Library recently accepted a $25,000 endowment for the acquisition of books related to women’s studies. The endowment was established by Jay Haney in honor of his wife, Reference and Liaison Librarian Anne Page Mosby, who dedicated more than 24 years of service to Pullen Library. Mosby retired from the library July 1.

Haney worked in secret with library development staff to finalize the endowment just in time for Mosby’s June 27 retirement reception, at which the gift was publicly announced to more than 120 guests. The news came as a surprise even to Mosby, who appeared overwhelmed by the gesture.

I was in shock, Mosby later recalled, and I am so pleased. To me the gift is a symbol a way to carry on my work long after I am gone in a discipline that will continue to develop and evolve.

Money endowed to the library for the purchase of books helps to ensure that materials necessary for study and scholarship are accessible to students and researchers. Endowment for women’s studies materials is especially crucial, notes Tammy Sugarman, Pullen Library instruction coordinator. The subject is interdisciplinary in nature and requires materials from a broad range of subject areas, including history, political science, sociology, and English, to name a few.

This endowment is particularly timely; Ga. State’s relatively new Women’s Studies Institute, created in 1995, will for the first time begin offering BA degrees in women’s studies this fall.

Obviously, additional women’s studies resources will be of the utmost importance to students and faculty of the Women’s Studies Institute, says institute Director Linda Bell. But Anne Page has been doing a marvelous job of acquiring books in this area for years long before the institute was formed. An endowment in her name is absolutely appropriate.

For information about book endowments and other ways to support Pullen Library, contact Sarah McCrea, director of development, 404/651-1429 or

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