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Show off your data literacy skills — and win $$$ — in the GSU Undergraduate Get Data Lit! Contest!

Are you a GSU Undergraduate or Dual Undergraduate-Graduate student? Do you get annoyed with news/memes/opinions that are not backed up with any data/statistics, or that offer data/statistics that are questionable or misrepresented? Do you get fired up to look for data/statistics to refute what you’re seeing, or to verify it, or to explore it more deeply?

If so…

The GSU Undergraduate Get Data Lit! Contest is for YOU!

$$$ PRIZES $$$

Three (3) Separate Prizes valued at $75 each* + Certificates of Participation for All Contestants

Contest in a Nutshell:

  1. Aspiring contestants (currently enrolled Undergraduates or Dual Undergraduate-Graduate Students only) find something they saw via social media/media that makes them want to take a deeper dive into data/statistics/scholarly research related to it.
  2. They find data/statistics/scholarly research sources to dig deeper into the item they picked – for example, sources to refute it, or verify it, or dig deeper into its nuances.
  3. They submit entries, and ten (10) are selected to compete in the contest.
  4. Selected contestants create and record a brief presentation (10 minutes maximum length) that they will submit for the contest.
  5. Three contestants are awarded prizes valued at $75 each*, and all contestants are given certificates of participation.


*NOTE: Prizes are required to be awarded as financial aid; therefore, winners must be eligible for financial aid to accept a prize. Postbaccalaureate and Transient students are typically not eligible for financial aid; therefore, prizes cannot be awarded to students with this status. Even so, Postbaccalaureate and Transient students are still eligible to submit entries and compete in the contest if they wish, with the understanding that they will not be able to receive prizes.