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GSU’s Downtown Library gets greener!

There is no doubt that many of you have seen a recent upgrade to the trash and recycling receptacles in the library.  As part of the Library’s sustainability initiatives, we have been working with the Office of Sustainability and students to find ways to make our library more sustainable.  This past fall the Library submitted a proposal to the Sustainability Fee Committee, funded by the $5 sustainability fee, and was approved for $35,000 to replace a majority of single stream bins and trashcans with new tri-stream bins that allow for trash, mixed recycling and glass.  These bins are located throughout the library in the public spaces as well as staff and faculty offices.  The tri-stream bins are located at each elevator bank in both Library North and South as well as the link on each floor. 

Each bin has three slots to sort and separate your waste.  The left hand slot is for anything that cannot be recycled; the middle is for mixed recycling such as plastic, aluminum, and paper; and on the right, you can now recycle your glass bottles and containers. We hope that you will take advantage of these new bins to help GSU meet its sustainability goals and move toward its larger goal of becoming a catalyst for creating a culture of sustainability at GSU.

Coming soon, students will have the opportunity to recycle batteries, small electronics, and ink cartridges as well!  We would love to hear your ideas for making our library more sustainable!  Share your ideas with us at