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Books24x7 access & interface changes

If you use Books24x7 for learning or research, be prepared for a new interface the next time you use it.  On October 2, the library migrated to the new platform for this resource, Skillport 8i.

You’re still able to access content from on or off campus, using your campusID and password.  Your account on the new platform is connected to your campusID and password, so you’ll no longer have a separate account on this system.

Once in the database, use the search box at the upper right to search for content on a particular topic, such as Python, or you can use the Library option to browse the subjects available. Your “Learning Plan” contains the resources you want to save for quick access later.

Once you find a book that you want, click the Launch button to access the content, or use the other options in the drop down menu to see related items or save it to your learning plan.

If you need assistance with the new platform, contact the subject librarian for Computer Science & Computer Information Systems, Laura Carscaddon.