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New Faculty Publication: Modes of Human Rights Literature: Towards a Culture Without Borders

mgalchinskyProf. Michael Galchinsky of the English Department has recently published Modes of Human Rights Literature:  Toward a Culture Without Borders  (2016).

This sophisticated book argues that human rights literature both helps the persecuted to cope with their trauma and serves as the foundation for a cosmopolitan ethos of universal civility — a culture without borders.  Michael Galchinsky maintains that, no matter how many treaties there are, a rights-respecting world will not truly exist until people everywhere can imagine it.  The Modes of Human Rights Literature describes four major forms of human rights literature: protest, testimony, lament, and laughter to reveal how such works give common symbolic forms to widely held sociopolitical emotions. — back cover.

Prof. Galchinsky’s research focuses on Human Rights Literature and Law, 19th century British literature, and Jewish studies.  His other publications include the following books:

and these selected articles: