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Atlanta Library upgrades include new chairs, digital screens

PrintThe University Library Atlanta campus recently added two digital signs as well as 250 new computer chairs, the latest additions in a series of facility upgrades.

Located in the Library North and South lobbies, the digital signs are connected to the Visix campus-wide digital signage system. The signs display news and event information from a number of entities across campus including the Student Center, the Multicultural Center, University Athletics, and more. The screens also feature campus-wide emergency broadcast capabilities and display the current time as well as location information.

The new computer chairs will replace existing chairs on the 2nd floor of Library North as well as the 2nd floor Library Link. The chair style was selected during a week-long election process in the fall semester, by which students had the opportunity to test and vote on five unique chair options.The chair selected received more than 30% of the 720 votes submitted.

Both projects were funded by the Georgia State University student fee.