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New Publication: Rush-Hour Traffic

Angela Overton is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. Her areas of interest include state crime and international criminal law violations, feminist issues, inequality/injustice and international institutions of social control, as well as the intersection of social control and social justice. Her recent co-publication:

Stone, Maryann, Overton, Angela et al. (2014). “Rush-Hour Traffic: Self-Presentation of Defendant’s in Speedy Traffic Court Cases.”  Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law, and Society.

utilizes observatory research…to better understand differences in physical presentation and demeanor in traffic court. Further, judges that work in traffic court were interviewed to see how they understood the importance of presentation of self. Data indicate that most of those who appear in traffic court aim to present themselves professionally and behave with respect while in court. This appears to be a wise decision because judges tended to think that presentation of self was an important variable in their courtroom and how they evaluated cases. Still, differences in presentation of self appeared in the courtroom especially with regard to dress – extremely casual to orange jumpsuits. Finally, we argue that while modern defendants aim to present professionally the overall ‘professional’ presentation of self, even in the courtroom, is casual dress. – Abstract