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Dr. Altman and Dr. Barzegar Awarded NEH Grant

Dr. Andrew Altman

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Altman and Dr. Abbas Barzegar who have been awarded a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities for the purpose of developing and teaching a new course: “What is Religious Tolerance? Ethical Perspectives from Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Secular Traditions.”

Dr. Altman is a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Philosophy who specializes in legal and political philosophy, with a focus on contemporary topics such as human rights, discrimination, genocide, and freedom of expression.

Dr. Abbas Barzegar

Dr. Barzegar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies. His research interests include Islamic sectarian polemics, Islamic historiography and hadith criticism, contemporary Islamic political movements, Shi’ism, and Islam in America.

The award is funded under NEH’s Enduring Questions program, which supports faculty members seeking to develop courses that will encourage undergraduates to grapple with a fundamental question of human life by reading the works of influential thinkers from the past and present.

Selected publications for Dr. Altman include:

Selected publications for Dr. Barzegar include: