Professor Glenn Harrison on Behavioral Economics

Professor Glenn Harrison, director of the Center of Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business was recently in Perth for the annual Australian Conference of Economists.  While in Australia, he was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for a story on the emerging field of behavioral economics. In addition to being a trend in academia, Harrison mentions that behavioral economics is also starting to have an impact on British, American and World Bank policy making.

…the good news is, of course, is that whenever you’re paying attention to how people are actually behave rather than how you think they behave, you’re going to make better policy….the bad news though is that very often these insights from behavioral economics are being oversold.

In addition to talking about behavioral economics, Harrison mentioned that he is a former AFL player. Here is the complete interview and the transcript. Below is a selection of Harrison’s recent research on behavioral economics:

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