Women’s Collections’ Shero of the Year, Kathy Ashe

Rev. Joanna Adams, Ann Curry, Anne Deeley Easterly, Kathy Ashe, Ann Stallard, Anne Harper, Ann Cramer

On Thursday, November 29, the University Library’s Women’s Collections celebrated the accomplishments of our 2012 Shero of the Year, Kathy Ashe. More than 100 attendees enjoyed a touching and fun evening, and in doing so, helped the library to raise $27,870 for its various Women’s Collections’ endowments. While basic support for the Women’s Collections is provided by the University Library, our endowments provide additional funding for educational projects, public programming, specialized preservation needs, and travel to conduct oral histories or to pick up collections.

Kathy Ashe enjoys the love

Legislator, community leader, educator, mother, volunteer, and “raging moderate” Kathy Blee Ashe was first elected to the Georgia General Assembly House of Representatives in June of 1991. Widely acknowledged as one of the most thoughtful, temperate leaders in the General Assembly, Kathy has led the way on children and youth, education, civil and human rights, and a host of other issues. She has done this with integrity, civility, and an unflinching willingness to cross party lines. Kathy’s oral history is part of GSU’s Activist Women’s Oral History Project, and for the past three years, the Ashe residence has opened its doors to host our Shero of the Year events.

Kathy is clearly well loved! Just look at the the list of admirers who joined our host committee:

Laura Voisinet welcomes our guests

Astounding Ashe A-Listers  ($1,500.00)

  • Lucy and Stephen Draper
  • Rutledge Forney
  • Pat Gardner
  • Laura Voisinet

Astonishing Ashe A-Team ($1,000.00)

  • Roy Barnes
  • Ann Curry

Morna Gerrard talks about the Women's Collections and our Shero

Amazing Ashe Allies ($500.00)

  • Joanna Adams
  • Elaine Alexander
  • Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
  • Ann Cramer
  • Margaret Curtis
  • Anne and Mike Easterly
  • Diane L. Fowlkes
  • Shirley Franklin
  • James Starr Moore Memorial Foundation
  • Junior League of Atlanta, Inc.
  • Camille Kesler
  • Nan Orrock
  • Beth Schapiro and Janet Womack
  • Judith Taylor

Beth Schapiro shares her love for Kathy

Awesome Ashe Advocates ($250.00)

  • Stacey Abrams
  • Claire Arnold
  • Blake, Oscar and Robbie Ashe
  • Lawrence Ashe
  • Eleanor Babcock
  • Linda Bell
  • Paula Lawton Bevington
  • Carol Binns
  • Ken Britt
  • Amy Carter
  • Center for Black Women’s Wellness, Inc.
  • Margaret Clarkson

    Ann Stallard asks attendees to dig deep!

  • Carolyn Curry
  • Linda DiSantis
  • Elly Dobbs
  • Jemea Dorsey
  • Julie Edelson
  • Nancy Hall
  • Carol Jackson
  • Carole Kay
  • Dorothy Kirkley
  • Elizabeth Kiss
  • Linda Klein
  • Mary Long
  • Jim Martin
  • Cheryl McAfee and Charles Huddleston
  • Sally McDaniel
  • Glenda Minkin
  • Anne Page Mosby
  • Ann Rhodes
  • Deborah Richardson
  • Kay Scott
  • Nan Seamans
  • Betsy Smalley
  • Ann Stallard
  • Elaine and David Taylor-Klaus
  • Sheila Tschinkel
  • United Way of Greater Atlanta
  • Ray Uttenhove
  • Lucy Vance
  • Sally, Scott, Izzy and Charlie Wood

You still have time to support the Women’s Collections!
(Click here to contribute) or contact Natalie Blake 404-413-2707 / nblake@gsu.edu

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