Working with Non-Traditional Students: Writing Studio Session October 8th

Working with Non-Traditional Students, Taught by Jimisha Relerford–Troy Moore Library– 9th Floor General Classroom Building– Monday, 12 pm October 8th

Adult learners…mature students…former students returning…non-traditional students… What do these terms really mean? Find out at the Writing Studio’s session on tutoring non-traditional students, where they will discuss the unique tutoring situation presented by students who don’t quite fit the mold of the “typical” college undergraduate. The Library can help instructors learn about the issues and challenges of tutoring adult learners with  e-book resources such as The Jossey-Bass Reader on Contemporary Issues in Adult Education and articles found in education databases such as ERIC and Education Full Text. Instructors can also use the Library’s Discover search engine found on the homepage  to find articles such as Wyatt, Linda G. “Nontraditional Student Engagement: Increasing Adult Student Success And Retention.” Journal Of Continuing Higher Education 59.1 (2011): 10-20. and Kasworm, Carol E. “Adult Learners In A Research University: Negotiating Undergraduate Student Identity.” Adult Education Quarterly 60.2 (2010): 143-160.

About Ms. Relerford: Jimisha Relerford has her bachelor’s degrees in English and Classics from Howard University and is currently working on her MA in Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State. Her research interests include composition theory and pedagogy, feminist theory and women’s studies, and popular culture. In addition to tutoring in the Writing Studio, she works as an Online Teaching Assistant with Ashford University Writing Services.

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