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Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine to Speak At GSU on May 8th

Dr. Phillip Sharp giving a talk.
Image courtesy National Institute of Health.

Now that finals are over, take a break and come see Dr. Phillip Sharp, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, give a talk at Georgia State on May 8th (10:30 AM in the Urban Life Auditorium). Dr. Sharp and Dr. Richard Roberts won the Nobel Prize in 1993 “for their discoveries of split genes“. Dr. Sharp, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studies small RNAs and their regulation of gene expression; his theories have had a huge influence in the fields of cell biology and biochemistry.

To learn more about Dr. Sharp’s work, check out one of the papers that led to his Nobel Prize or read his most recent work:

Sharp PA. Speculations on RNA splicing. Cell. Mar 1981;23(3):643-646.

Ebert MS, Sharp PA. Roles for MicroRNAs in Conferring Robustness to Biological Processes. Cell. Apr 27 2012;149(3):515-524.

Goldberg MS, Sharp PA. Pyruvate kinase M2-specific siRNA induces apoptosis and tumor regression. J Exp Med. Feb 13 2012;209(2):217-224.

You can also see the Nobel Prize Committee’s page on Dr. Sharp, including an interview and his Nobel Lecture.