GSU Sociology Students critique the Social with the Visual

For the next few weeks on Sociology Professor Deirdre Oakley’s Social Shutter blog, students emphasize their social critiques with compelling photographs.  This week’s installment by Debby Yoder has photos of the rally that took place on the University of Georgia’s campus, which was in response to the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin:

Poster at UGA rally

Poster at rally on University of Georgia's campus - Photo by Debby Yoder

One of several controversies involved in this case is the question of racial profiling in law enforcement practices.  Explore some of the GSU University Library’s resources addressing this issue.

Online films via Films on Demand database:

Several books discussing racial profiling in law enforcement, including:

  • Free, M. D. (2003). Racial issues in criminal justice: The case of African Americans. Westport, CT: Praeger. *Individual chapters of relevance: “Picasso as a Criminologist: The Abstract Art of Racial Profiling,” by Michael J. Lynch and Amie M. Schuck, and “Driving While Black: Corollary Phenomena and Collateral Consequences,” by Katheryn M. Russell.

Some scholarly research articles:


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