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The GSU library recently upgraded from Education Abstracts to Education Full Text.  Education Full Text continues to offer indexing for journals, books, and yearbooks that were previously offered in Education Abstracts.  With Education Full Text, researchers get the added benefit of the full text option for over 350 journals. As of today, the search interface for this product has also changed.  Education Full Text was previously searched within H.W. Wilson’s search interface.  Now, Education Full Text is searched within the EBSCO interface allowing for simultaneous searching with other EBSCO databases. More enhancements are planned as EBSCO merges databases with recently acquired H.W. Wilson. You can read more about the merger of EBSCO and H.W. Wilson in this article from American Libraries. Try searching Education Full Text by itself or with other EBSCO databases, and let us know what you think of this enhanced resource.


About Denise Dimsdale

Denise Dimsdale is an Assistant Professor and the Education Librarian at Georgia State University. Her research interests include the evolving role of open and affordable course content in higher education. She holds an MMU from Georgia State University and an MLIS from Valdosta State University.
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One Response to Enhanced Resource: Education Full Text

  1. ex-H.W. Wilson Employee says:

    Although it is still using the H.W. Wilson name and reputation, Ebsco has closed both the New York and Dublin, Ireland, offices of the H.W. Wilson Company. This has meant the loss of over 40 jobs in Dublin and the vast majority of the New York staff have also been made redundant. Ebsco has refused outright to abide by a recommendation from the Irish Labour Court that the Dublin ex-employees should be given more than the minimum payment required by law, especially given that Ebsco/Wilsons can claim back 60 per cent of the payment as a rebate. The vast majority of companies, whether U.S. or European, abide by the recommendations of the Labour Court, which is a very important and respected institution in Ireland. We are all very saddened by Ebsco’s stance and would ask all librarians, students and other readers to send a brief email to Ebsco indicating their displeasure at the company’s treatment of the Dublin staff they made redundant and asking them to abide by the Irish Labour Court’s recommendation.