Surviving College With Georgia State University Library

Library. Trust. (Photo of girl with headphones & glasses)Are you concerned about keeping your GPA above a 3.0? There are a variety of reasons Georgia State students need to keep up their grades. That’s why we’re hosting a series of workshops this semester that will provide you with skills that not only help earn good grades, but can also prepare you for your future career beyond GSU.

There are four workshops in this “Library Essentials” series:

  1. Avoiding Academic Dishonesty:
    Plagiarism is a serious offense that carries penalties as severe as suspension or expulsion. We’ll help you cite your sources right.
  2. Information You Can Trust:
    Learn to evaluate your sources before using them in a paper.
  3. Discovering Data:
    We provide access to thousands of resources. Effectively find the research you need quickly.
  4. Perfecting Your Paper Topic:
    Learn how to develop a research question, refine your topic and other techniques to wrangle your subject before you start writing.

In addition, library personnel are also available for one-on-one research advisement during scheduled times all semester.  Studies show that college students trust their libraries and librarians more than they trust Wikipedia and other popular search engines. Why not stop by and let us help you survive college?

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2 Responses to Surviving College With Georgia State University Library

  1. Cleveland Sasser says:

    Would you please video tape these sessions and make them available to students who want the info but don’t want to come downtown for the hour?
    It’s great that you are having these sessions. You can reach a much larger audience with web video.

  2. Christian Steinmetz says:

    Hi Cleveland,
    Thanks for your comment! We are considering either recording the sessions or offering alternative online sessions. We’ll certainly let you and the rest of campus know when we have further information.