Holiday Cheer in the Library’s Collections

Looking for some holiday cheer? The library has movies and resources to put you in the spirit of the season.

"Fox Theatre" creative commons image by davidkosmos

Check one out today!

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One Response to Holiday Cheer in the Library’s Collections

  1. Ola! Sarah,
    Neat Post, “Unto my books so good to turn” by Emily Dickinson

    Can Anyone help me translate it. I am really lost.

    Unto my Books—so good to turn—
    Far ends of tired Days—
    It half endears the Abstinence—
    And Pain—is missed—in Praise—

    As Flavors—cheer Retarded Guests
    With Banquettings to be—
    So Spices—stimulate the time
    Till my small Library—

    It may be Wilderness—without—
    Far feet of failing Men—
    But Holiday—excludes the night—
    And it is Bells—within—

    I thank these Kinsmen of the Shelf—
    Their Countenances Kid
    Enamor—in Prospective—
    And satisfy—obtained—

    10 points possible for anything!!
    Keep up the good work