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Now Showing: Georgia Films – Films In Georgia

Exhibit Case Library North
The exhibit

Check out the current library exhibit called Georgia Films – Films In Georgia on the first floor of Library North. This exhibit focuses on how the creativity and the business of film-making has impacted the state of Georgia. The exhibit displays materials on a number of the Hollywood films shot throughout the state of Georgia over the years, as well as Georgia-based filmmakers who made names for themselves filming in Georgia and beyond. These films are represented via newspaper articles, DVD & VHS holdings, and books from the University Library. Thanks to GSU’s Special Collections, we also have vintage photographic reproductions of film exhibition & vintage ballyhoo throughout the state that feature unique advertising as well as a few materials from Georgia’s branch of the Interrnational Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Operators of the United States and Canada. The exhibit will be up through the end of March.