Photo of the Week: Unidentified Street Scene, Bainbridge, GA, 1950

Unidentified street scene, Bainbridge, GA, 1950

Can you confirm the location of this unidentified Bainbridge, Georgia street scene which was photographed in 1950?  This photo has been identified as looking north on Broad Street from Shotwell Street.  Click on the image to zoom in.

Online photo sleuthing is one way archivists and other information seekers benefit from collaborative intelligence facilitated by Web 2.0 social software.   Additional information can be found in Joshua M. Avery’s The Democratization of Metadata:  Collective Tagging, Folksonomies and Web 2.0.

To participate in the Photo of the Week forum, please offer a critique of the photograph — its significance, historical value, and importance to you.

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4 Responses to Photo of the Week: Unidentified Street Scene, Bainbridge, GA, 1950

  1. Edwin R. Duke says:

    This photo appears to be taken looking north on Broad Street from Shotwell Street. There is still an auto repair place where the Standard Oil sign is in the photo, and the large Live Oak tree is still there. The building behind the standard oil station is now an antique store. The building across the street is no longer there. Park Avenue Bank is now in that location. Unseen, but immediately to the left of the photographer was, and still is, the Presbyterian Church dating to 1852.
    The buildings have changed, but Bainbridge still retains much of its charm as a sleepy southern town. For many, the pace of life is still laidback. I was born in Bainbridge, but moved away at less than three years of age. I lived in several places, including the Midwest and South Florida, and I earned two advanced degrees, yet when the opportunity arose, I chose to return to Bainbridge. In some small ways, you can go home again.

  2. Peter J. Roberts says:

    Thanks Edwin,

    I’ve updated our photo database.

    Sincerely, Peter

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  4. Frani Willis says:

    This is the 200 block of South Broad, looking north. On the left side of the street is The Stephen Decatur Hotel, The Martin Theater, The Callahan Building housing a number of small businesses – one of the town favorites was The Eagle Cafe (sign can be seen on the Callahan Building). On the right side of the street is Hart Rollins Furniture Store in the first building beyond the Standard Oil sign, the second building on the right (the brick building with the Hart Rollins advertisement showing on it) is Belk-Simpson.