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Time to end Daylight Saving Time…

This Sunday at 2:00am, Daylight Saving Time ends and Standard Time begins – and you will probably hear the phrase “Fall back, Spring forward” often in the next couple days.  For those curious about the history, rationales, and political controversies surrounding Daylight Saving Time, check out these resources online and at the University Library:

Senate Sergeant at Arms Charles Higgins turns forward the Ohio Clock for the first Daylight Saving Time, while Senators William Calder (NY), William Saulsbury, Jr. (DE), and Joseph T. Robinson (AR) look on, 1918. credit: Senate Historical Office

* Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time, by David Prerau.

* Originating laws in United States Statutes at Large (available in HeinOnline database):

  • 1918 (v. 40, p. 450, PL 65-106)
  • 1942 (v. 56, p. 9, PL 77-405)
  • 1966 (v. 80, p. 107, PL 89-387)
  • 1972 (v. 86, p. 116, PL 92-267)
  • 1986 (v. 100, p. 764, PL 99-359)
  • 2005 (v. 119, p. 615, PL 109-58)

* Current U.S. Code (15 U.S.C. 260a) governing Standard and Daylight Saving Time.

* Web exhibit on Daylight Saving Time.