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University Library Journal Cancellations

Dear Members of the Georgia State University Community:

In light of current budget uncertainties and in anticipation of no new funds added to the library materials budget for fiscal year 2011, the library is initiating a journal cancellation project.  Based on average annual price increases of eight percent on journal subscriptions over the past several years, the library needs to identify for cancellation at least $200,000 in recurring commitments.

At our Journal Cancellation Project web page, you will find a memo from Nan Seamans, Dean of Libraries, a complete project timeline, and the list of titles that are candidates for cancellation.  A combination of criteria were used to determine the titles on the list, including usage statistics, cost per use, and availability of alternative means of access to the title.

If you have a concern about specific titles on the list, please complete the online comment form available for each title.  We would appreciate comments that justify the retention of the journal.

If you have any questions, please contact  your department’s subject librarian or Skye Hardesty, Head, Collection Development.

Please note that the comment period for feedback is from 8/16/10 to 10/1/10.

We value your assistance in shaping the library’s journal collection to reflect the university’s current curriculum and research needs.