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Crochet, Mathematics, and Soccer

This years winner for the World’s Oddest Book Title Award,crocheting adventures
Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes, By Daina Taimina
explores the art of Crocheting and its application to mathematics using different objects as examples.  The book is located in the science section on Library South 4th Floor.  You can also take a sneak peek in Google Books.

Some of my favorites  examples include the traditional soccer soccer-ballball displaying positive constant curvature (page 13) or the exit stairway in the Vatican Museums as a double helicoid with the center removed (page 113).

This book has been reviewed as “Delightfully brilliant yet down to earth…the art is creatively placed in nature and the math schematics are crisp and clear” and “The author also explores geometry and its historical connections with art, architecture, navigation, and motion, as well as the history of crochet.”