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GSU Faculty Member Discusses Her Latest Book

Professor Jennifer M. Barker of GSU’s Moving Image Studies program provides a glimpse into her latest work, The Tactile Eye: Touch and the Cinematic Experience, on


That the film experience is a tactile one is without doubt; one need only chat up one’s fellow audience members to hear an action film described as a “visceral rush,” or an art film described as “lush” or “sensuous.” But how does one reconcile sensuous film experience with film theory? My answer was to design a book that is itself a tactile experience.

Other recent works by Dr. Barker include:

“Neither Here Nor There: Synaesthesia and the Cosmic Zoom”
New Review of Film & Television Studies (September 2009, Vol. 7 Issue 3)
–available via Interlibrary Loan

“Out of Sync, Out of Sight: Synaesthesia and Film Spectacle”
Paragraph (July 2008, Vol. 31 Issue 2)
–available online

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