Breaking out of the Pink-Collar Ghetto

Breaking out of the pink-collar ghetto: policy solutions for non-college women was recently reviewed by Emily Stiehl in the Journal of Labor Research’s Summer 2009 edition.  In her review, Stiehl writes:


This book is recommended for those studying labor economics, public policy and female/gender studies.

Mastracci’s Breaking Out of the Pink-Collar Ghetto is a notable contribution to the expanding stream of research on women and work. Although the book adopts an interdisciplinary approach, it emphasizes the importance of policy intervention as a solution for overcoming institutional barriers that may prevent some women from obtaining jobs with highter wages.

She concludes her review stating,

This book…provides descriptive data to argue that pink-collar workers are disadvantaged in the workplace; it offers a solution in the form of employment in non-traditional jobs; and finally, it presents evidence that women can increase their wages and skills by entering non-traditional occupations.

Do you think this book supports President Obama’s policy initiatives that encourage women to go back to school?

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La Loria Konata is an Assistant Professor and the Policy Studies Librarian. She holds a Juris Master from Emory Law, a Master in Public Administration from Georgia State and Master in Library Science from Clark Atlanta.
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