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Holiday Iron Pour and Silent Auction

GSU’s Annual Holiday Iron Pour and Silent Auction will be hosted on December 12th from 2pm to 9pm at the Edgewood Sculpture Studio.
You can join the party to make your own iron mold, learn about the process of metal sculpting, participate in a silent auction, eat, mingle, and hear live music.
If you find yourself inspired to learn more about metal sculpture and sculptors before or after the event, visit the library to check out these works:

    Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture
    by Brooke Barrie

    This book uses a mixture of text and images to explore the creations of several innovative contemporary sculptors.
    Ahistorical Iron
    by Marjee-Anne Levine

    Marjee-Anne Levine, an American female metal worker, exhibits her work in this collection.
    Joel Perlman: A Sculptor’s Journey
    by Philip F. Palmedo

    Details and images of the life and works of Joel Perlman, famed steel and bronze sculptor, are captured is this book.
    Creative Metal Sculpture: A Step-by-Step Approach
    by John D. Morris

    This book provides information and technique tips on working with a variety of metal types and thicknesses.

Do you have a favorite metal sculptor who you’d like to recommend to interested readers? Please share the names and works of artists who you find inspiring, here.