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English Education in Other Countries

I recently had a consultation with an Applied Linguistics doctoral student that gave me an “a ha!” moment.  The topic was English language education in Vietnam.  The traditional places to look for information are the GIL online catalog as well as GIL Universal Catalog, databases on the research guide for Applied Linguistics & ESL such as Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, and maybe education databases such as ERIC and Education Abtracts (see research guide for Education). These databases will provide scholarly articles, but what about the current state of education in that country or the region?  Then the “a ha!” moment occurred! Try LexisNexis to find articles in Asian and other international newspapers, on web sites, and blogs! These articles will be current and provide web links to other sources.  We actually found an article about education in Vietnam in a newspaper from Singapore.  Also try interdisciplinary databases such as Google Scholar, Web of Science, and Science Direct. All of the databases in this post are available from Find Articles on the library web page– just use the alphabetical browse to find the database.

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