Audio Books added to Library's Browsing Collection on LN1

The library is pleased to announce the addition of audio books to our very popular browsing collection! Audio books, located at the beginning of the first shelf of the browsing collection on LN1, are currently available in CD format. Be on the lookout for a new format, Playaway Digital Audio, coming soon. Playaways bring books to users in an easy-to-use, lightweight, portable player. The Playaway comes preloaded with an audio book. Plug in your own headphones and you are set to go! You can even bookmark places in the audio book so you won’t have to skip through chapters to which you have already listened. Watch the homepage for an announcement when the first Playaway in the collection is available.

For commuters, travelers, and those who enjoy listening to books, give the audio books in the browsing collection a try!

Currently, we have three titles in the collection:

Why is God laughing? / Deepak Chopra (3 CDs)

April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr.’s death and how it changed America / by Michael Eric Dyson (5 CDs)

Car talk field guide to the North American wacko: remember that time your car blew up, dad? / Tom and Ray Magliozzi (4 CDs)

*Author ID: 8 Author name: Laura*

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