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Library North Construction Update

Library North 3 is now closed for construction.

Bound periodicals on LN3 are being retrieved. Requests should be made at the Research Support Desk on Library North 2 or via Retrievals are every 1/2 hour

Library North 4 is open on the east side. The west side, containing the compact shelving, is closed. Retrieval requests for materials inthe General Collection in that should be made at the Circulation Desk on Library North 1 or via Retrievals are every hour

The General Collection shift into the LN4 compact shelving should finish late today or tomorrow. All classifications in KDZ-PS are being retrieved, with the exception of M. Retreivals of M will begin when the move of that collection starts. Books are still moving off of the 5th floor, currently Ks and Ls

Library North 5 is open.

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