Exhibit – Lewis and Clark 200th Anniversary 1804-2004

View the online component of the exhibit on display in the University Library, July – August 2004, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in May, 1804. With a mandate from President Thomas Jefferson, Captains Lewis, Clark and company (known as the Corps of Discovery) set out to map the uncharted lands west of the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. The members of the expedition encountered flora, fauna and Native Americans previously unknown to them, and reported their findings to the rest of the nation through their journals, letters, maps, charts and illustrations. As professor of history Ned Blackhawk states, “the first English speakers in the Far West, Lewis and Clark helped build one of the fastest-growing empires in world history.” (Encyclopedia of the Lewis and Clark Expedition).

The exhibit showcases a variety of books, maps and government documents in the University Library collection.

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