Making Our Voices Heard: Election 2000

Exhibit Dates: November 2000
Making Our Voices Heard provides an overview of the upcoming presidential election, as well as the senatorial and congressional elections in Georgia. Also included are glimpses of past presidential campaigns from the last four decades of the twentieth century. The exhibit illustrates the nation’s presidential elections with campaign literature, voting posters, campaign buttons, and bumper stickers. For example, there are items emphasizing the differences between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential campaign, as well as the dissimilarity between George McGovern and Nixon in the 1972 election. Look closely and you can even find a 1960 Kennedy button!

This exhibit of U.S. presidential campaign memorabilia was drawn primarily from the holdings of the Southern Labor Archives, Special Collections. The exhibit was researched and designed by Pam Hackbart-Dean and Annie Tilden. Visit the exhibit online.

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