netLibrary e-books available to GSU through GALILEO!

  • Go to GALILEO
  • If prompted, enter your GSU GALILEO password. (click here for password information)
  • The navigation bar on the left has achoice called Full-Text Books.
  • Near the top of the next screen you should see Jump to: A B C E F G L M N O W. Click on the letter ‘N
  • You should see a link on the page for netLibrary. Click on it to connect.

Here is a description of netLibrary from their site

netLibrary provides access to over 10,000 electronic books (eBooks), both copyright-free and copyright-protected published materials, such as reference books, scholarly monographs, publications of many University Presses, and consumer books that have been converted into digital format. It is possible to perform full-text searches of a single eBook, search thousands of volumes simultaneously, browse topic categories, or read eBooks directly online. Other search options are available as well (subject, publisher, title, author, etc.). 

The eBooks may be borrowed (checked out) for onscreen viewing or by downloading to a user’s computer or electronic-book reading device for two hours. Users of Macintosh computers may check out eBooks only for onscreen viewing. It is not possible to download files from netLibrary to Macintosh computers. 

NOTE: Every individual user must create a personal user name and password in order to check out eBooks. You MUST create your personal account (user name & password) using an IP-validated computer. That means you must use a computer in the library (or on campus). That will enable you to access netLibrary from any computer (such as one at home) using your personal user name & password. If you establish an account using a computer that is NOT IP-validated, you will only be able to access the free, public domain ebook, and NOT the recent, copyrighted books. 

To establish your personal account, once at the netLibrary web site, click the "Create Account" link on the upper part of the screen. You need only provide the required information which is marked in bold, red text. 

The netLibrary system permits only one person at a time to check out an eBook. The system renders eBooks one page at a time, limiting the reader’s ability to print or copy multiple pages. If attempts are made to illegally distribute or abuse user privileges, a copyright notice is displayed and the event investigated. 

netLibrary’s corporate web site states, "netLibrary supports the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics. We believe that ensuring the privacy of our library patrons is both an ethical obligation and critical to the ongoing success of the Internet. Our privacy policy was developed according to American Library Association recommendations.

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