HarpWeek, the Civil War Era (1857-1865)

HarpWeek, the Civil War Era (1857-1865) is now available via the World Wide Web to the Georgia State University campus.

Harper’s Weekly provided detailed information and insights on major and minor political, military and social issues and events prior to and during the Civil War.

This segment of HarpWeek covers the 7500 pages of Harper’s Weekly published from 1857 through 1865. Each page has been scanned and then manually indexed using a controlled-vocabulary approach which provides unmatched accessibility.

This resource is available via our Research databases page or directly from http://app.harpweek.com

There is also some additional information about the product available at http://www.harpweek.com


The Grove Dictionary of Art is now available through GALILEO.

Grove’s Dictionary of Art is an encyclopedia of 41,000 articles covering art and artists worldwide. It is a "comprehensive art reference work covering all forms of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic and decorative arts, and photography, from prehistory to the 1990s. … An unprecedented alliance with Bridgeman Art Library now offers access to 30,000 searchable images, increasing to 100,000 by the end of 1999."

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