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Yanni Loukissas’ Data in the ATL talk discussed Thinking Critically in a Data-Driven Society

Data in the ATL is a speaker series hosted by Georgia State University Library that connects the university community with prominent members of the Atlanta data community.

Invited speakers show the importance of data science in making informed decisions and how they use data analysis and expertise in their daily work.

On Friday September 20th, the university library welcomed Yanni Loukissas, Assistant Professor of Digital Media, School of Literature, Media & Communication at Georgia Tech. 

Loukissas is the author of All Data Are Local (MIT Press, 2019).  In his book, he argues that practitioners (in academia and beyond) who want to make sense of unfamiliar data must begin to think in terms of data settings – defined by the contexts in which data are made and used – not simply data sets

While The term data set implies something discrete, complete, and portable, Loukissas believes academics should approach data sets with an awareness that data are created by humans and their dutiful machines, at a time, in a place, with the instruments at hand, for audiences that are conditioned to receive them. 

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