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New Faculty Publication: Materia médica. Rareza, singularidad y accidente en la España temprano-moderna

parra_materiaProf. Elena del Rio Parra of the World Languages & Cultures Department has recently published Materia médica.  Rareza, singularidad y accidente en la España temprano-moderna (2016; on order).

Materia médica explores the intersection of the sciences and humanities in Spanish sixteenth and seventeenth century representations of the extraordinary within the larger scheme of the Baroque. Medical and chirurgical treatises, discourses, letters, broadsheets, and paratexts of the period share with the humanities thought processes, methods, patterns, and—most importantly—some forms of description. Archival evidence broadens the spectrum of these texts, and cases are frequently compared to similar instances in disciplines such as theology, literature, and the law.  An eclectic monograph, it is intended for specialists in both early-modern culture and intellectual history. It also appeals to scholars who are particularly interested in the history of the rare, the unusual, and the monstrous, a fertile niche that is very much in the spirit of sixteenth and seventeenth century Western thought. —  publisher.

Dr. del Rio Parra’s research focuses on the history of ideas around the Spanish Golden Age, as well as early modern poetry and 20th century Latin American narrative.  Her other publications include the following books:

and these selected articles: