New Faculty Publication: Critical views on teaching and learning English around the globe

AmantibookcoverCongratulations to Cathy Amanti, Clinical Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education on the publication of her co-edited book, Critical views on teaching and learning English around the globe: Qualitative research approaches. From the publisher’s website:

This volume takes a critical look at teaching and learning English across the globe. Its aim is to fill a gap in the literature created by the omission of the voices of those engaged in the everyday practice of teaching and learning English; those of students, teachers, and specialists. Three unique characteristics give this book broad appeal. They include

– its inclusion of the perspectives and experiences of students and educators involved in the everyday practice of English language teaching and learning

– its inclusion of the experiences of students and educators in both core and non-core English-speaking countries

– its basis on original, qualitative studies conducted by scholars in different parts of the world including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas

Of particular interest to applied linguists, scholars from diverse fields such as English as a Foreign/Second Language, English as an International Language, anthropology and education, English education, sociolinguistics, and bilingual education will also find value in this book. Written in accessible language, it can be used in such courses as Applied Linguistics, Second Language Classroom Contexts, Bilingualism and Multilingualism, English Around the World, Research Methodologies in Second Language Acquisition, and Research in Second Language Pedagogical Contexts. In addition, by focusing on presenting research experiences that adopt several epistemological and theoretical approaches, the book provides teachers of research with a great tool to examine varied applications of qualitative methods, data collection, and analytic techniques. Thus it could also be used for courses in Field Research and Qualitative Methods.

In addition to co-editing the book, Dr. Amanti contributed the following chapter:

Amanti, C. (2016). “‘What! You don’t know English?’: Producing, reproducing, and resisting dominant English ideologies in a Mexican high school.” In J. Álvarez, C. Amanti, S. Keyl, and E. Mackinney (Eds.), Critical views on teaching and learning English around the globe: Qualitative research approaches (pp. 87-104). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Other works by Dr. Amanti available through the University Library:

Amanti, C. (2014). When School Literacy and School Discipline Practices Intersect: Why Schools Punish Student Writing. Journal Of Language And Literacy Education, 10(1), 14-26.

Amanti, C., González, N., and Moll, L. (2008). “Case study: Using students’ cultural resources in teaching.” In A. Roseberry and B. Warren (Eds.), Teaching science to English language learners: Building on students’ strengths (pp. 99-102). National Science Teachers Association, Publishers.

Amanti, C. (1998, November 17). What really happens in a two-way bilingual classroom. Christian Science Monitor. p. 14.

Moll, L. C., Amanti, C., & Neff, D. (1992). Funds of knowledge for teaching: using a qualitative approach to connect homes and classrooms. Theory Into Practice, 31132-141. doi:10.1080/00405849209543534



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One Response to New Faculty Publication: Critical views on teaching and learning English around the globe

  1. John Mike says:

    English consider as global language, because it is easily language and can be learned in few month easily. The book that you recommend is superb and very useful and help to understand English that is international language. It is the most readable book around America, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The chapters are divided in the series that the reader can understand easily. Dr. Amanti also includes additional chapters in this book.