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Library Security Enhancements Update

As we reach the end of the semester, I would like to give a brief update on security enhancements at the Atlanta campus library. Security personnel continue to visually check each ID before students, faculty, and staff pass through the turnstiles to enter the library. We also continue to have a visible police presence. The software platform for our security cameras has been upgraded, and our cameras are now being recorded by the GSU Police. We have a number of changes planned for the months ahead:

  • Over the summer we will upgrade the existing camera hardware and add nearly 100 new cameras.
  • We have ordered a visitor management system to better keep track of library guests. This system will be installed this summer, and once it is in place we can return to our normal visitor access policies.
  • We are currently working with architects and campus partners on a redesign of the entrances to both Library North and Library South. The key changes will be better workspace and visibility for security personnel; new, modern swinging glass gates in place of the old turnstiles; and biometric fingerprint scanners in place of card swipes. The biometric scanners, like those already in use in the dining halls, are being implemented to avoid some of the abuses possible with ID cards (use of a lost card, sharing of cards, etc.). We hope to have the new gates in place by the start of the fall semester. However, it is possible that the complexity of this project will result in a completion date during the fall term. We will provide updates on this blog as the schedule is finalized.

Our top priority is that the GSU Library remains a great learning environment. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

Jeff Steely (
Dean of Libraries