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Lecture: “Being At Home: Understanding the Meaning of Aging in Place”

This Thursday, March 10, at 6:00pm in the Rialto Center for Arts, Dr. Graham D. Rowles will be giving the annual Barbara Pittard Payne Lectureship in Gerontology talk, “Being At Home: Understanding the Meaning of Aging in Place.” A reception will follow the lecture; please RSVP to or 404-413-5210.

Dr. Rowles lecture description:

rowlesThis presentation will explore the evolving meaning of place (especially home) in old age and the manner in which this is related to well-being. I will consider the way in which, over our life course, each of us engages in a process of making and remaking home as our neighborhood changes around us or as we relocate from residence to residence. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the meaning of “being in place” as a manifestation of each person’s evolving quest to be “at home” within their environment. Implications for personal well-being, environmental design, social service delivery and both professional and community education will be considered.

Dr. Rowles is Professor in the Graduate Center for Gerontology with joint appointments in Nursing, Behavioral Science, Geography and Health Behavior at the University of Kentucky. Check out some of this publications available at the University Library: