Center for Nano-Optics Created at Georgia State University

Proteins as seen by an atomic force microscope. Photo courtesy of BlueRidgeKitties on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Georgia State University’s Center for Nano-Optics, founded December 2013, is focused on creating nanoscale tools to further the use of nanotechnology in biomedicine and other fields. Projects will include further development on two Georgia State inventions: the spaser (an exceptionally small and thin laser) and the plasmonic metal funnel (a funnel allowing the delivery of energy to nanoscale spaces).

Congratulations to GSU Physics professor Mark Stockman, the new director of the Center for Nano-Optics, and to the eight other physics faculty founding the center: Vadym Apalkov, Nikolaus Dietz, Xiaochun He, Alexander Kozhanov, Steven T. Manson, Ramesh Mani, A.G. Unil Perera, and Murad Sarsour.

Read more about the Center for Nano-Optics and nano-optics in general here:

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