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Institutional Repository has 2 Million Downloads (and Counting)

Open Access LogoAs of August 16, 2013, items in the Georgia State University institutional repository have been downloaded more than 2,002,335 times.  There are currently 6,924 items in the system, including 3,345 electronic theses and dissertations, 339 full-text faculty articles, three peer-reviewed journals, four conferences, and one recently-published book.  The most popular item in the repository, an English Dissertation, has been downloaded almost 13,000 times.

The institutional repository was launched in its current form on March 1, 2009.  From then until December of 2012, items on the site were downloaded 1,372,256 times.  Since search engine optimization was performed on the site in January of this year, items have been downloaded more than 630,000 times, an increase of 46%.

The institutional repository is currently in the process of being renamed ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University (notice how the URL of the site already reads  The redesigned, “new look” site will be available the week of August 26th.

For more information about how to make your scholarship available through Georgia State University’s open access institutional repository, please contact Digital Initiatives Librarian Sean Lind at