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Several New Publications

Congratulations to the Department of Criminal Justice’s Dr. Scott Jacques who had two articles published in early 2013. Dr. Jacques’ research “focuses on victimization and social control among drug dealers.

Most recently he published:

Jacques, S., & Rennison, C. (2013). Reflexive Retaliation for Violent Victimization: The Effect of Social Distance on Weapon Lethality. Violence & Victims, 28(1), 69-89.

Jacques, S., & Rennison, C. (2013). Social Distance and Immediate Informal Responses to Violent Victimization. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28(4), 735-754.

Both articles can be found via the Library database Criminal Justice Abstracts.

Also! Coming soon to a library shelf near you is: Campus crime: legal, social, and policy perspectives.  That is where you will find Dr. Jacques’ chapter titled: Policing alcohol-related crime among college students.