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In Memoriam: Film Critic Roger Ebert

julianrod CC-BY

Roger Ebert, longtime film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, passed away at the age of 70 on Thursday, April 4. Mr. Ebert’s film reviews were considered by many to be the standard by which other reviews could be judged.

In addition to writing reviews for the Sun-Times, Mr. Ebert helped educate a generation of Americans about movies, especially with his television show Siskel & Ebert at the Movies, where which he conversed (and frequently argued–hilariously) with fellow film critic Gene Siskel.

Roger Ebert, his words and his personality, will be missed.

Should you wish to re-familiarize yourself with Mr. Ebert’s work, the Library can help you out. We have several books written by him, in addition to a documentary about the history of film criticism which features Mr. Ebert.