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GSU Sociology Prof Baunach’s Research featured in NPR Story

Same-Sex Marriage Attitudes - ImageCongrats to GSU Sociology Professor Dawn Baunach, whose research on liberalizing attitude trends toward same-sex marriage was featured in a National Public Radio (NPR) story this morning.

Baunach, D. (2011). Decomposing trends in attitudes toward gay marriage, 1988-2006. Social Science Quarterly, 92(2), 346-363.

Using data from the General Social Survey, Dr. Baunach examined the attitudinal changes toward same-sex marriage from 1988 to 2006.  Her findings indicate:

“Attitudes significantly liberalized over time; 71 percent opposed gay marriage in 1988, but by 2006, this figure dropped to 52 percent…This pattern was replicated across many subgroups of the U.S. public, including age, sex, residential, educational, and religious groups…The results suggest that the use of the ‘equality/tolerance’ framing of gay marriage by its supporters and other societal events or ‘moments’ may have convinced some people who used to disapprove of gay marriage in 1988 to approve of it by 2006″ (Baunach, 2011, p. 346).

Listen to the NPR piece, read Dr. Baunach’s article to learn more about her findings, and explore via our Discover Search the variety of resources addressing the same-sex marriage debate.