Center for Research Libraries Purchasing 11 New Collections

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) collects unique and valuable materials that support advanced research in the humanities, sciences and social sciences.  Patrons of member institutions like Georgia State University Library have access to these materials through interlibrary loan.

CRL’s Purchase Proposal Program allows member libraries to nominate and vote on specialized and often expensive research collections for CRL to acquire.  The FY13 purchases will include 11 collections.  Here are some highlights:

  • The Rafu shimpo microfilm (1914-2009) –  Published in both Japanese and English, this Japanese-American newspaper from Los Angeles offers valuable documentation of the Japanese immigrant experience in America.
  • Papers of Emma Hart Willard, 1787-1870 – This set consists of the personal papers and correspondence of the 19th century women’s rights activist and educator Emma Hart Willard.
  • Newspapers from Nazi Germany (1929–45) –  This purchase will add to CRL’s existing microfilm collections of three newspapers:  Völkischer Beobachter (Berlin, Germany: Norddeutsche Ausg.), Deutsche allgemeine Zeitung (Berlin, Germany), and Der Angriff (Berlin, Germany).

These collections will be available soon through interlibrary loan.  Meanwhile, be sure to check CRL’s catalog and topic guides to locate additional resources critical to your research.

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