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New Computer Science Books

Interested in reading the latest computer science books?  Check out these two new electronic books:

On Computing: the Fourth Great Scientific Domain, by Paul S. Rosenbloom, proposes that computing is a great scientific domain on a par with the physical, life, and social sciences.  Computing, writes Paul Rosenbloom, is an exciting and diverse, yet remarkably coherent, scientific enterprise that is highly multidisciplinary yet maintains a unique core of its own.  He examines the very notion of a great scientific domain in philosophical terms, honing his argument that computing should be considered the fourth great scientific domain.  (adapted from publishers website)


Language and Computers, by Markus Dickinson, is an introduction to the fundamentals of how computers process language, written specifically for undergraduates, introducing key concepts from computational linguistics. Covers a broad spectrum of language-related applications and issues, including major computer applications involving natural language and the social and ethical implications of these new developments. Concepts are grounded in real-world examples familiar to students’experiences of using language and computers in everyday life. (adapted from publisher website)

The library is constantly adding new books to the collection, both in print and electronic formats.  More computer science books can be located by searching the catalog tab on the library home page.  Enter “computer science” in the search box and select ‘subject’ in the drop down window to see the resources that are available.