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Studies show Open Access increases rate of citation

Why should researchers ensure that their work will be available in an open access journal or repository like GSU Library’s Digital Archive?

Open access publication results in higher visibility and impact for your scholarship. Studies show that open access articles have a consistently higher rate of citation than articles only available from closed access journals and paywalled sites.

The research proves it: studies like “Self-selected or mandated, Open Access increases citation impact for higher quality research” (Gargouri et al, 2010) and “The Open Access citation advantage: Studies and results to date” (Swan, 2010) have compared rates of citation for articles published in both open access and closed journals and found a consistent advantage for OA publications.

It’s logical: the more easily available you make your research, the more citations your work is likely to receive. Not only does open access support the mission of the university to share knowledge, it gives your work the advantage of wider visibility.