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Celebrating 21 Years Of International Crime

At 21 years it can now legally raise a glass in celebration!

One of Georgia State’s scholarly journals, the International Criminal Justice Review (ICJR) was established in 1991 and doing just fine, thank you very much!

With an editorial board of scholars from around the world and a  professional affiliation with the International Section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, ICJR is “dedicated to presenting system wide trends and problems on crime and justice throughout the world.”



In the 2012 issues there are contributions by Criminal Justice PhD students –

Marsh, Erin. (2012). Book Review: The Monster Evil: Policing and Violence in Victorian Liverpool. International Criminal Justice Review (Sage Publications), 22(2), 218-220.

Prevost, John. (2012). The future of batterer programs: reassessing evidenced-based practice. International Criminal Justice Review (Sage Publications), 22 (3), 340-341.

As well as faculty member Lisa Muftić

Muftić, L. R., & Deljkić, I. (2012). Exploring the Overlap Between Offending and Victimization Within Intimate Partner Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. International Criminal Justice Review (Sage Publications), 22(2), 192-211.

The International Criminal Justice Review is available at the University Library.