Suuuuuuper Tuesday! (maybe.)

Since 1972 the presidential primaries have been the dominant process for choosing delegates for national conventions.* Tomorrow, March 6th, is Super Tuesday, the day the largest number of States have primaries.  Super Tuesday began with the 1988 Presidential election year and it has its roots in the South. In the mid-80’s Southern Democrats wanted a process that would improve the chances of the South selecting the Democratic nominee.  Read a transcript of the MacNeil NewsHour’s analysis of the first Super Tuesday.

If you want to look at what is happening now in 2012, take a look at the Washington Post’s website.  The Post has a nice chart that will keep track of delegate totals until the end of the primary season in June.  Yep! I did say June!

Also, if you are researching elections, take a look at: Election Research. This guide will direct you to resources and information on U.S. elections.


* Warren, K. F. (2008). Encyclopedia of U.S. campaigns, elections, and electoral behavior. Los Angeles: Sage.

(image: by Farlane, via Flickr)



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